UNCLE STYLE RECORDS is a collective of kind people that want to make good music. Whether that music is joyful, aggressive, melancholy, insightful, or goofy... if it's made with intention and compassion from people that care about each other and what they're making, it belongs here.



My name is Mike Sosinski, and I run Uncle Style Records out of my house. In 2018 I started another label called BAD TIME RECORDS. Bad Time was created to give a platform ska and ska punk bands, which did not have a platform at that time. The biggest thing I've learned from running that label, is that I really like running a record label and helping my friends share their music... so much so that I no longer want to limit myself to only helping bands of a certain genre. My goal is that Uncle Style takes the same mentality and focus on community that has made Bad Time so special, and helps spread it to bands from various styles and scenes. According to my 7 year old niece, 'Uncle Style' is WEIRD, CRAZY, and most importantly... FUN. No matter the type of music, at the end of the day if we're not having fun making it, releasing it, and listening to it... what's the point? I will try my best to keep things UNCLE STYLE. Thank you so much for your support.

- Mike